Friday, March 12, 2010

Where's the sun?

Annie was not happy with today. Her mood was a complex combination of hyper, happy, cranky, and miserable. After three hours of these violent mood swings I asked her what was up. "The sun is missing, Momma. I need it." After talking for a while, Annie developed a plan. "Lets play a game Momma. Lets pretend it's winter." I'm not sure how pretending it was winter was going to cheer her up, but sure enough, her mood shifted into happy gear. She was walking through the house in a hat and mittens. Pretending to stomp through snow and ice, "calling" her cousins to go sledding while chomping on a carrot (the nose for the snow man she was building). It was hysterical.


Anonymous said...

I love Annies imagination. Ofcourse shes going sledding and building a snowman in the rain. A hat and mittens sounds good today...wish I'd thought of it. I love you guys.


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