Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The thrill is gone

Another trip to the compost pile this morning at 7am. We woke up at six, did our chores and then ran out the door to get compost. Either the smell is getting weaker or I have been around this stuff way to much lately because I barely notice it any more (I'm thinking it's the later). This is probably not good. Annie was less than thrilled. I think the allure of the Compost pile has faded, and she now sees it for what it it is: work. I really can't blame her. How many kids want to go stand on a stinky pile of compost everyday? Especially early in the morning.Banjo wasn't too thrilled either. He got stuck in the car behind the tarp.

Annie perked up when we got home and I let her go play with the chickens while I worked. She managed to catch Puff. They hung out for quite a while. It was when she caught Gertrude that she ran into some trouble. Evidently Puff got jealous and pecked Annie near the eye.First chicken booboo of the season. We're off to a good start.



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