Sunday, March 29, 2009

Odd conversations

I'm astounded by the things I find myself discussing with Annie.   This morning she was running around the house yelling "it's everywhere, it's everywhere" and when I asked her what was everywhere she says "the snow mommy, you no see it?"  subtly implying "what a stupid question to ask."
Later today after church she's in the potty all by herself (bad idea I know) and starts screaming "no! no! no! no!"  I run in thinking somethings terribly wrong and there she is standing next the potty naked from the belly down.  I don't see anything wrong.  This looks great!  She went potty all by herself!  Only she's crying and yelling "NO".  I get her to calm down and ask her what's wrong and through her sobs she says "I want my poop pink not brown."  Breathe and stay calm, NO laughing  I tell myself.    Annie sees this as a big deal.  So we sit in the bathroom and talk about how everyone has brown poop.  And then she starts to ask me "is Sadie poop brown?" "Ruby? Greta?" and we go trough the list of everyone she knows, including "God have brown poop too?"   I think she gets it after that when she says "I ask God make your poop pink"  Well, why not ask him to make your poop pink?  "cause I want be like Sadie"



Matt Blazer said...

You always make parenting Caroline seem normal to me. Thanks!

rachel blazer said...

HA HA HA HA!!! that's the BEST thing i have ever ever ever heard!

Reality said...

This just cracked me up!!! Of course, who wouldn't want pink poop?!?!?


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