Friday, March 20, 2009

Breast milk or Tea?

I really think posting about Annie is the best part of being a blogging mommy, and now I get to share pictures. 
 Today I caught my little girl in the middle of a tea party with her "Girls," which was promptly followed by a round of breast feeding for all.  Yes, Annie comes running into the kitchen yelling "get it off now, mommy," tugging at the shirt tangled in her arms over her head, followed by an exasperated, "Please?".  Obviously the idea struck her in the middle of the tea party, that breast milk is better.   So I remove her shirt and she runs back to her babies and begins breast feeding them one at a time.  I had to suppress the giggles when it was time to feed the elephant and she couldn't find his mouth.  Then her struggle to hold his unruly trunk in place.    I'm not sure she'd appreciate me posting such intimate moments of her with her babies (but how could I resist?), so please don't mention this to her.  And PLEASE, ignore the background, I've been sick so the house is a little unkept.


Greta said...


Anonymous said...

love to suck on her breasts

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes me too while I finger her ginny


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