Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mother Hen

My little Annie become a mommy today.   Perhaps last night's breast feeding frenzy was some sort of maternal instinct switching on.  We didn't even know that today was the big day, but it ended up that they were a little early.    We went to the feed store and picked up our babies today after lunch and Annie has been the doting mother ever since.  She has six baby chicks all with the same name evidently, but I'll work on that.  For now they are each named, Rooster, and Annie is unwilling to budge on the singular name for all idea.   Did I mention they are all currently in the middle of my living room in a swimming pool?   Yep, at least till tonight when they will promptly be moved to the basement after Annie goes to bed.  No offense, but the living room is even a little to crazy for me.   They make the cutest little chirping, and are hysterical when they fall asleep. 

Don't worry he's not dead,
 just sleeping.


This is Rooster

And this would be 
her sister, Rooster.

And this is Roosters cousin,


Greta said...

So cute, what about Howard and Puff?


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