Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thunder Road

Those of you who have happened to stop by when I'm not at my best have probably witnessed the insanely loud blasting of Thunder Road and me with a bottle of wine sewing in and out of tears. Thinking, if my life could at least be as good as that it'd be an improvement.   Please note this song is about a poor jobless guy, with nothing but a car to his name telling his girl she's no beauty but he'll take her anyway.   Preying on the lonely girl with a "history" in exchange for..... (I'll let you fill that in yourself).   Yeah, I'm in counseling, I know.   But still this is my favorite Springsteen song.   And I remember clearly believing that's probably as good as it will ever get for me.   You may now understand why I hide my obsession with Bruce from Annie.  
So why am I telling you all this?   Well today two dreams I never thought I would have came true, and the hopes for my own thunder road have been fully crushed under the foot of what could only be God's work.   Now no laughing, but today I got a new computer straight from a store (this is no hand me down baby), and I'm getting Chickens!   CHICKENS!   egg laying, pooping, pecking live chickens!   From a Store!
God through his infinite knowledge knew that for me its chickens, and I will no longer hold onto the hope for a thunder road romance, but look forward to God knowing what romance would be best.   If he can get me chickens I have no doubt he can get me a date.
I can only pray that Annie doesn't have the same reaction to the chickens as she did to the computer.    In all my excitement of todays events I didn't think of how Annie would react and never did I think she would be concerned.  After setting up (with the old computer still set up on the other kitchen counter) Annie walks in with her eyebrows crossed looking very unhappy.  I ask her what she thinks of mommy's new computer and she informs me that she doesn't like it and that "it to dangerous to have two computers."
So I shamelessly let Annie body paint with sour cream to ease her concern and keep her busy while I type my first blog on my new computer.
Oh yeah, and I can take pictures and put them on my blog now without going to my mothers house.  Sorry mom, I know you'll miss me.


jill peel said...

I wasn't going to ask you at the art gallery if it was a Mac, but I was thinking it. I am so glad it is. I sleep with a Mac man therefore I am or something like that. Having a Mac ups your chances of John ever coming over to help you with your computer -good choice. Yea new computer! Annie will get over over it.

Maddie said...

If your husband offers to help with anymore around here I'm gonna have to start paying you for his time.

Anonymous said...

sour cream?......different!


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