Sunday, March 8, 2009

When mom tries to make dinner

So, I've been wanting to make Lasagna for dinner all week and today I finally had the time and the energy. After spending two hours patching together what I have in the kitchen, I get dinner in the oven and then take Annie on a walk while it's baking. Perfect we'll get home in time to pull it out and then we'll sit together and eat. Well here's one of the worst parts of being a single mother. We get home, Annie doesn't want to eat and starts to throw a fit about wanting to keep walking and is screaming "I no like lananga" Great! So this brings me the decision of time out and eat alone or ignore and some how patch together a somewhat civil dinner. Of course, I had to do time out. So I spent three hours making a lasagna from scratch only to end up eating alone at the table. If God ever does bless me with a husband I hope he realizes I expect lots of kids, because I hate eating alone.
And it was such a good lasagna. I made a carrot tomato sauce and used ground turkey that I seasoned with fennel seeds, oregano and garlic. Layered that with marinated grilled zucchini and green bell peppers, between the mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. Grrrr.....I need people to cook for.


Greta said...

cook for me..........

jill peel said...

That is is frustrating - I've actually been there. Have us over next time Annie will see her boys eating and have to eat too!


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