Sunday, March 15, 2009

Annie, it's time to wash your hair

My daughter has been avoiding the evil shampoo for three days now. I woke her up this morning by informing her that today we are going to wash her hair. Imagine your own two year old springing to life from a deep sleep instantly at the words "wash your hair." That is my daughter. She jumps up from bed grabs her head in her little hands and shouts, "my hair not fell on floor!" Breathing heavily I fear hyperventilation, and immediately switch to soothing tactics. "Annie, your right, your hair not fell on floor, maybe we'll wait till later and see if it does." What was I thinking? Can I just say worst mommy move ever. All morning now she's been patting her head saying "my hair not touch floor yet," smiling contently, she's won the battle. I fear my only options are to hold her upside down and drag her hair along the floor.



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