Saturday, May 2, 2009


Annie for about six days now has worn nothing but tap shoes, and I when I say nothing, I mean nothing.  Naked and tap shoes (hence the lack of picture with this post).    I try to a least require panties, but I've been loosing the battle as of late.  Thankfully when we leave the house, she's agreed to wear minimal clothing, "to protect my bummy," (her butt).  So for the last week now, wherever we go, she taps.  She smiles when people notice and is soaking up the attention.   I however am slightly less enamored by the onlookers and the constant tapping of the shoes wherever we go, and was planning on hiding the shoes once I got them off her feet for bed.   But Ms. Annie while I was prying them off her feet the other night to go to sleep, rolls over and says, "mommy, when I was a daddy, I will marry you."   I'm not sure if she's physic or God was whispering in her ear, but it made me smile so big (of course, she got to keep the tap shoes).  Now when I've had even the slightest sad thought I just think about Annie and her marital proposal.  I am SO thankful for her.  


Greta said...

so funny and I concur when I am a daddy I will marry you too.

Maddie said...
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