Saturday, May 30, 2009

a cation

Annie and I had a spur of the moment cation (vacation) this weekend.   Going to a Lake house in Lichfield IL with our friends Larry, Carol and Harriet.  Annie was not very excited to go, and was a brat the whole drive because she wanted to stay home with her chickens.  Well, after about two minutes of being there she quickly changed her mind, when she found  a frog sitting on the brick wall.
We went to go collect eggs right after a few photo opts with said frog, and Annie got to pluck them from the nesting boxes by herself.   She was more than happy to help farmer Steve, carry them back from the barn.
Of course she then thought they were hers and were going hatch into babies.  Thank you Lord for here busy mind and forgetful nature.   She moved on quickly when the cow started to moo, and I was able to take the eggs from her.     She got to feed a Long Horn Texas cow named, Mandy,
 and listen to Roosters crowing.  She was so excited.  And the trip kept getting better.  On the walk down to the lake Annie found three open Robin's eggs.
She was fascinated and very proud of her find.  I was very surprised that she didn't forget about them once and actually remembered to bring them home with us.    Soon to be named and on display in our kitchen window next to our jarred bug family.  
Up next was the boat ride!   Annie, really does love the water, and had a great time walking around on the boat with Dora their dog, Dora (don't worry a picture of them together is coming up soon).
She kept running in and out of the lake at the beach with Dora not far behind.  
I wish I'd gotta a picture of Dora and her running, but I had to hold Annie so she didn't get nocked down by Dora. Therefore leaving no free hand to hold the camera.

While drying off on the boat we got to see some real Eagles and their nests which were amazing to see.
(Annie resting after all the excitement, in a hammock outside)
After an amazing dinner Annie and I went to bed for the night.  We woke up to clouds and rain, but that didn't stop, Annie, and her partner in crime, Harriet, from convincing everyone to go out on the boat one last time before we had to leave.
Annie and Dora bonded a little to much over the weekend. It actually got kinda gross toward the end.
  The trip was amazing and yes Annie slept the entire drive home.  Even when I stopped to pick up strawberries on the way back (which will be turned into a pie here shortly).
We've been home for a few hours now and she's still past out on the couch.


jill said...

I missed you today - I wondered where you went to!
So Fun!


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