Monday, May 25, 2009

Home movie theatre act II

 Cheaper by the dozen two
the movie theatre seating
So my sister is a little under the weather, and I have her two oldest girls.  My sisters girls are probably the most confident little girls I know, and they have no qualms telling me what to do.  I caught Sadie literally with her hand in the cookie jar, and Ruby has been holding my hand all day kissing it.  I think she really likes me.  They have been Awesome.  But I've been running out of energy.  Thankfully we have The Projector.  Instant movie theatre.  I made a little movie theatre at the top of the stairs and set up my massage tables with pillows like a couch.   They have been up there totally enthralled with movies.  Half way through each one I make them walk around the block with me to tire them out.   We're on movie number two which isn't to bad considering they've been here since 10 this morning.



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