Sunday, May 17, 2009

Annie 4 mom zero

Today I was determined to get Annie to wear anything but a princess dress.   They are cute, but not cute enough to wear every day.  So I hid them all, or so I thought and laid out her clothes for the day.   She was being pokey this morning; to save time I went downstairs to make breakfast while she got dressed.   She stayed up stairs until I yelled up that it was time to go.  
Down she came.   Yellow princess dress underneath the skirt I laid out.   It was to late to change, and it scares me to think she knew that at the time.   Breakfast in hand out the door we went.   Yes, Annie is the missing disney princess.  Part Bell, part gypsy enchantress with tap shoes.  "I like skirt this way, mommy."

Later today, Annie was caught drinking juice from the container!  I was stunned.  Evidently she has been doing this all week.  When I asked her where she saw that, she said, "daddy drink this way."  So has daddy been drinking from mommy's fridge?  "yes, daddy drink here," and then shows me again how daddy drinks.   Not ok!   First off, she's two, two year olds don't drink form the container.     Second, Don, what do you think your doing drinking from my orange juice container?, Get a glass (or better yet, get your own)!  Finally my third problem is that Annie thought it would be a good idea to show her cousins this little trick, I'm really sorry Greta, please forgive me.   I was picking up the mess in the other room when it started.
After that fiasco, I thought nothing worse could happen.  Oops, again.  While getting Annie ready for bed, I look at my night stand and see the remains of what was the book I hap been reading.   Yes, Annie had taken a pair of scissors to the book and cut up all the pages.  Sorry paperback swap, this one will not be reposted.    When I asked Annie if she did this she smiled then said "I not want you read that, it yucky."  Obviously Annie has some strong feeling toward Barbara Kingsolver, and not in a good way. 
(I hate this head)
My book ruined I put Annie to bed and went downstairs.   I'm sitting on the couch with a different book when a head comes flying down the stairs.   Followed by a yellow toy car.  Then an Annie not far behind comes walking down after them holding every possession she can fit in her arms.   Bunny, Elsie dolly, doggy, her life sized princess doll and two binkies.   I struggle not to laugh.   She walks up to me,"this my life and you not make it sad."  OK, how do you respond to that?  anyone?  "my heart in here and you hurt my life."  Where is this coming from?  Has she been reading books on teenage guilt trips?  I'm not able to respond at this point, because I can't stop thinking about ten years down the road when she really is a teenager.  What will she say then?  How will I cope?  I am seriously unprepared for this job.  I come to my senses after what must have been a while, because Annie is silent, staring at me with her eyes squinting in anger because she thought I wasn't listening.    "Mommy, my needs movie and a oot beer."  Of course I said no and she starts up with "you hurt life, mommy.  I need oot beer." My reply,  "No root beer, before bedtime."  "It not bed time, i not tired, I awake, I awake, I awake."  And yes, after several "I awake" protests she falls asleep mid sentence.  



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