Thursday, May 28, 2009

house guest

Well, I'm pretty sure someone is living in my house with me.  Not sure who or what it is, but it doesn't seem interested in the peanut butter trap I put in the basement.  For a while I thought maybe he got outside and wasn't in the house anymore.  Now I wonder if he got out and has come back, or if he's been here the whole time.   We had a brief sighting last Friday (so fast all we saw was a blur moving across the floor and out of sight) followed by a peanut (actual peanut in the shell, which I don't buy) left in the middle of my clean kitchen floor the next morning.  I heard sounds from the kitchen on Sunday night, then nothing.  Well this morning I came down stairs to the picture you see above.   I highly doubt Rosy the horse did that. Strangely our guest didn't touch the loaf of fresh bread sitting on the counter.  I'm actually slightly insulted that a lavender eye pillow was more enticing then my home made bread.  



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