Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sewing, gardening, sweat and tears

Today was a long day.  After staying up last night working in the yard once again, I woke up tired and wasn't sure what the day would look like.  With my massage clients slowly picking back up (thank you Lord), I'm still not making enough so I've really been spending more time doing my many other jobs.  I've starting cleaning house's with a friend of mine and have been taking every sewing job I can find.   Anyone needing monograming I'm right here.  Turn over is pretty fast right now, so give me a call (PLEASE).   In the midst of all this it's hard to balance work with Annie.  I have regretfully begun to depend on movies, to keep Annie busy while I'm sewing, but when the movies are done watch out.   She takes over my sewing room faster than I can clean up after her.  Today she made a dress with my small makeshift dress form I use when making her clothes.  She was very into color and making a mess.   "I making a ball dress, mommy, I go to a ball."  Well, who can argue with that right?  After pulling all my fabrics down from the shelves she slowly put together what she wanted.   I may never dig myself out of this tiny room, but her dress is almost complete, "you add beads and sash mama, ok?  I wear it later."  With that she walked out of the room.  That was at 8, it's now 10:30 and I'm still cleaning up.  I think I need longer movies or a better baby sitter.  


Greta said...

Longer movies


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