Wednesday, May 20, 2009

God and Vacuums

Many of you have already heard that my sister is pregnant.  Because she is sick and there's no way she go to her job without throwing up everywhere, I took her place.   Cleaning houses isn't as bad as I thought, and until massage picks back up I need the money.   The one thing I have learned is that no two vacuums are the same, and what ever you do Don't buy a Eureka! 

I live in a house with almost all carpet, and I did not own a vacuum.  Once a week I would borrow my mothers.  I haul it here, vacuum upstairs and down, and then haul it back before she knows it's missing.  Such fun.  It has spawned many nights of prayer for a vacuum and I must tell you all, He listens!  He hears every word.  Many people who have heard that I am without a vacuum have offered me their old broken ones.  Sweet, but I am not trained in the ways of vacuum repair.   SO I have been praying.  My vacuum prayers have taken on their own unique form where I more or less converse with God about the different types of vacuum I work with during the week.   

With each house I clean, it's like a mini vacuum trial period, and I have really become picky.    Lord, please don't send me the Eureka Boss, it will make me cry when I have to lift that monster up my stairs.  
Oh, Lord, not the dirt devil, it doesn't work and I will surely throw it from the second floor window when the filter clogs.  
And if I see a Dyson I will run in fear of it's many gadgets, gizmos and strange moving parts.  

Slowly I came to the conclusion that I wanted an Oreck.  It's lightweight and simple design make me swoon.  How glorious this wonderful vacuum is, but also costly.   I would secretly lust after this wonderful machine while praying to God, "I'll take what I can get."   Thinking maybe someday, when I'm not in constant financial peril I will purchase one myself.  
Well I have no shame in telling everyone, that God is Good to me.  He is so good.  I am so thankful for all he does everyday for me and Annie.  He keeps us afloat.  He brings amazing people into our lives and blesses us with so much each day.     And I am not the upright, holy Christian you may see on TV.   I do not always say or do the right things.  I am a fallen child of God, yet he loves me.  Last week, I received an Oreck, from a family who doesn't need it until their daughter returns back from an extended trip.  Yes, he did it.  He brought me an Oreck.  I use it everyday because I almost don't believe it's real, part of me keeps thinking it will start smoking and catch fire like the last vacuum someone gave me.   Nope, not this one.  It works perfect.  
Thank you God.  I love it. 


jill said...

Orecks are the best - I had one for 10 years till it died - and it was a hand me down too. i understand your worship...


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