Sunday, May 24, 2009

ten posts stand alone

So we put in the rest of the fence posts today for the chicken run.  It went faster than I thought.   By the end we had it down to a science.  We chopped through roots with our shovel now dubbed "the razor," in record time.  And there were a lot of roots; the shovel no longer has a point instead it curves up in a u shape at the end.  I guess digging along the line of honeysuckle wasn't the best plan, but we did it. 
 Tomorrow morning starts the wire fencing.  It's heavy gage wire and believe it or not, not even my hands (which are really strong from massage) can cut through it.   Prayers that we finish tomorrow would be greatly appreciated.  The turkeys have started flying and one flew out today over the five foot temporary fence.  Did I mention turkeys are really fast and I spent about 10 minutes running after him till he finally gave up.  Yep, my neighbors all think I'm nuts.  



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