Monday, May 11, 2009

Buried treasure and honeysuckle nightmares

Today was my get things done day.  I paid the bills, returned the videos and books to the library, shipped out two books for paperback swap, got my hair cut, picked up fabric for a new sewing order, made my bank deposit, and then dropped Annie off at my moms, to do some serious gardening at my house.    
Just so you know, I have a large yard, overgrown by honeysuckle and half dead ivy.   It's everywhere.  Today I focused on planting near the garage.  I wish I had taken a picture beforehand to show you.  It was bad.  Bald except for a patch of ivy and some rocks.  The original planting area must have only been 1.5 feet out from the garage judging by the stones.   I pulled the ivy and spread out the peat moss, lime and compost before tilling.   Yikes!  with every drop of the shovel I hit Rock!  it was crazy.  I eventually dug up enough stones to edge the entire bed I had planned.    Well, seven hours later it looks pretty good.  I'm so happy how it turned out and so far it's only cost me $0.  Yep, nothing.   I got the plants from my mothers yard, just one Hosta and some Lilies of the Valley.   The Hosta was so huge I was able to split it into 5 pieces.   By next spring, when things fill out, it will look amazing.   
Sorry the picture is so bad, it was dark out by the time I got done.   I'll post better ones in the morning (if I wake up).  


rachel blazer said...

isn't it funny how finding rocks is like buried treasure? that happened twice in our yard- 10 flagstones & 8 round stepping stones under years of soil & mulch. now we have a sweet little path under an archway of honeysuckle to a (half-finished) flagstone patio. all "free!"

and how on earth do you find 7 hours to work in the yard- you're amazing! i get about 30 minutes at a time when i'm lucky. or maybe i'm just choosing to do other things... that's probably it. : )

happy late mother's day- i think you're an amazing mommy!


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