Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mothers day and Narcolepsy

OK, I know I've been slacking.  Things have been crazy here.  The chickens are huge and threatening another hostel takeover only at least this time it's my backyard instead of my kitchen.  I'm slowly recuperating from my overwhelming state of unproductiveness.   We'll see how far I get. 
 I'm super excited to tell everyone that I bought myself a mother's day present (it's one of those things us single mothers most remind ourselves to do). I'm taking a cheese making class this Saturday and I can't wait.  I wanted to take this class last year, but didn't have the funds.  Not that I really have them now, but hey, it's mothers day weekend right?   
 Annie gave me the scare of a lifetime today when she fell asleep while eating a pilfered bag of tortilla chips.  I think she must have stolen the bag sometime earlier in the week because I had it on my shopping list for tomorrow.  I'm posting a picture at the bottom of this post.  Lets just say I went looking for Annie and the first thing I saw was her hand laying on the carpet motionless.  I truly thought she had choked and was passed out.  I'm now convinced she has narcolepsy.  This is actually a common occurrence where she'll just pass out mid motion.   The last time she did this was while pulling a dress over her head. Again my first reaction was that she was choking.  Maybe she's just testing my reaction time, and how quickly I can find a pulse.


Matt Blazer said...

That's outstanding (the pic and story). Enjoy the cheese class...

Bailey Mohr said...

That is priceless!


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