Thursday, March 1, 2012

Planting TIME!!!

 Oh how I LOVE March.  So much happens in March, and I love every minute of it.  We all spent the day outside today getting things sorted out.  We moved a few plants that were haphazardly thrown about last year.  Got a few beds turned over and planted Peas, and onion sets.  Annie, had fun planting the onion sets in stripes of red white and yellow.   When I went to pick up the onion sets of course I couldn't resist the purple Asparagus crowns they had.  Purple? all we have is green.  We needed purple.  So my big splurge on the garden was purple crowns.  When Annie helped me plant she was really confused that I kept calling them crowns.  I love her literal mind.   So we are all happy playing in the dirt.  

 Elsie enjoyed lunch outside before getting in the dirt.
 The joys of spaghetti squash (that we actually grew in the yard last year).

 Annie was busy under the play set concocting mud remedies for the garden.
 I remember dirt and water being such a magical combination as a kid.

 Helping mom in the garden.



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