Monday, March 19, 2012

The babies!

Texas and I decided we needed to get more chickens this year.  The girls are getting old and not laying as much, so we went this weekend to get new babies!  Our incredibly awesome neighbors introduced us to the amazing world of Bucheits, and after spending way to much time wandering the isles we picked our new baby birds and piled into the bus to drive home.  Yes, I said bus.  Our neighbors are quite possibly the coolest people I have met, and they have a bus.  Which fits us all plus room for many more, and it is so much fun riding out in the bus together.  The girls jumped at the chance to ride in the back of the bus with the chicks on the way home.

 Each little chick got lots of attention from Annie and Emily.
 Elsie sat playing with a beer can.
 And kisses were smothered onto each baby.
 Names were assigned based on personality.  So far we have Wanderer, Snuggle, Trouble, Fluffy, Tiny and Gertrude (to replace my Gertrude who we lost last year).
 The temporary nest assembled by the girls.

 Alex and snuggle.

And what does Elsie think?
 She was very confused why her toy kept moving.

 And finally embraced the little birdie.

Yes, she approves!

 My evangelical child praying over her baby chick.

 And yes, Elsie wants more.



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