Monday, March 5, 2012

Soil blocker mishap

 Texas had his saw out again today, so I rushed to draw up a plan for a larger soil blocker for my plants.  I was hoping to be able to buy a nice one this year, but when I looked at the prices it seemed really stupid to pay over $100 for it.  I could figure this out right?  So I may have miss calculated a bit here and there.  Possibly drew a few not square squares, and maybe left out a few points when explaining how it works to Texas.  We did manage to come out of it with something vaguely resembling a useless box.  We're calling it our rough draft, and are going to try again tomorrow. Texas is going to do the measuring next time.
 My board all marked off, ready for cutting.  I did not know about accounting for the Kerf? I can't even spell it, but my husband said you have to measure for it?   Very confusing.  I did put hearts on all the pieces I wanted to keep.

 Confusion ensued when it was time to apply the peel and stick tile 
(needed to help the soil block slip out).

 So here is the not finished rough draft.  It made a soil block, but not easily, 
which is the point of using soil blocks.   Please note in my design it had a lid and all sorts of moving parts.

The soil block.

 Smaller soil block ready to go into it's new block.


So after the colossal block making fail, I had to start the last of our seeds for spring planting (using my internet purchased soil blocker).  Annie got roped in to help.  I think she's starting to outgrow her crazy moms spring chores.   That was until I brought out the water dropper.  Then she was all over it.  I'm telling you kids love dirt and water.

 She takes her jobs very seriously.

 We made two large 4x4 soil blocks with my deformed blocker.

This years set up is a little cramped compared with previous years, but it's on wheels!  Which makes it all better.  With the construction going on the basement we can't have anything set up down there, even if it's only temporary.



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