Friday, March 23, 2012


 This is our crazy busy time of year.  Plants are going out, new ones need to be started and little chicks are constantly chirping their little song (I happen to love the chirping, but it kinda drives Texas crazy when he's trying to get to sleep at night).  So many projects have to be completed before summer hits, and the list needed to be done before summer ends is mounting.  Getting our little home settled is going to take a while.

On the list for spring completetion:
Basement stairs
Bedroom for me and Texas
Tearing out the giant (7' diameter) tree stump in the middle of our garden
New fence for around the garden, with footings for hoop house to be added in the fall
Worm box set up in chicken run
Temporary separate housing for chicks

The list is slightly daunting when you realize all that has to be done. It helps to look at what has been done and whats currently growing.
 Inside we have:
1st round of tomatoes are ready to go. 

 The second round is growing fast.

 Bell peppers, Egg plant, and ground cherries are coming up.

 The chicks are chirping.

 and making a mess of their little home.

 Onion sets are looking good.

 Garlic is growing strong.

Mix of parsley, chard and chives, left over from last years crops.
Meals around here have been heavily focused on salads and the remaining winter squash.   I'm looking forward to berries and asparagus soon. 



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