Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cheese, clean, sleep

On Monday, I made Mozzarella!!!  
This week I decided to get back into cheese making.  During the spring I stop drinking un-fermented dairy due to my allergies.  What to do with all that glorious raw milk?  Make cheese!  
I completely messed up with the order of operations, but surprisingly it all worked out.  Thank goodness I don't give up easy, I almost threw it all out to the chickens. 

On Tuesday,
Annie gave her sister a bath in the sink.  Elsie is a sticky dirt magnet and I'm beginning to think all this bathing is futile.  She just gets dirty again.

The dog threw up all over Annie's room.  I put her in my bed while I cleaned hers. 
 Came back to two sleeping babies.  Texas and I have lost our bed for the night.  (and no I do not own a set of matching sheets.  Texas does, but I don't want to ruin them with baby spit up, breast milk and the incredibly sticky/dirty baby.)



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