Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wow, where have we been...

 Outside! in the sweltering heat of March?? Confusing weather we're having here, but we're not ones to let a sunny day go to waste.

 My little Gypsy is creatively keeping her toys off the ground.

 Elsie is discovering the playset.

 Every bit of it.

 In the kitchen we've been experimenting with different "healthy" treats.  Today we made Mardi Gras bars, Annie picked the name not me.  Basicaly it's dried dates with nuts and coconut pressed into a bar.  We added a little organic Chocolate sweetened with honey and some sprinkles to the top. 
With the kids outside I started the corned beef for St. Patrick's day (freaking my husband out with raw meat curing on the counter), made a huge batch of liver sausage (which Texas taught Elsie how to feed to Banjo), and made various snacks for the week. 

 In the garden things are starting to look so pretty.
 Parsley has gone wild.
Kale is growing like crazy.

And spinach is finely coming in.



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