Sunday, March 25, 2012

Healthy kids

We've been working really hard with Annie to get her diet changed.  She's been having really bad tummy problems over the last couple of months.   I hate that for almost a solid month she was telling me her tummy hurt and I just thought she was complaining and not wanting to go to school (or what ever she didn't want).  Turns out her tummy really was hurting and she was having a lot of problems digesting her foods.  So we changed her diet.   We already have pretty healthy eating habits at home, but she's not always with us and we're far from perfect.  At home we took out ALL processed sugar, breads, pastas, starches.  We starting putting in more nutrient dense foods, and she is doing so much better.   She is sleeping better, no more tummy aches and has tons more energy.   This morning she asked me for eggs!  I didn't have to make her eat them, and she's starting to ask for healthier foods.  I caught her sneaking spinach from the garden yesterday. 

 I'm so happy to see her feeling better.  She's not tired and cranky, I really think she's listening better and she's smiling all the time.  I just really hope that we can keep this up when we go on vacation.
I've been slowly making more and more snacks to take with us.  Hopefully by the time we are packing our bags I'll have enough super healthy snacks ready to go.

 Elsie is starting off with a good healthy diet and doing great.  I was so careful with Annie when she was baby, and I wish I knew then what I know now. 
 I'm determined to make sure these kids have a healthy start.



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