Friday, June 26, 2009

"What my doggies name?"
"That right, my doggie Banjo, he a tiny doggie, so he fit in my house.  Moose not in my house.  He not tiny, my doggie tiny.  God gave me tiny doggie."

Our conversation in the car yesterday.  Annie keeps forgetting his name, but that hasn't stopped her from smothering him every day.  Moose would be my sister dog, who is much bigger than Banjo.  I'm kind of worried about Annie seeing one of those itty bitty dogs; she might try and trade Banjo in for something smaller.   All our conversations lately have been about Banjo, it's all she talks about.   I'm constantly catching the two of them together doing something cute.  I'm  so thankful God found us this amazing dog.  



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