Thursday, June 4, 2009

late night terrors

I think possibly the worst part of being a single mom is just not having a man's presence in the house.  Being lonely and financially strapped definitely takes a back seat to the feeling of vulnerability one gets when things go bump in the night.    Last night I was up late reading, no surprise there, when I hear loud banging coming from the basement.  Not a normal house sound.   I calmed myself down, not wanting to be the woman who calls the police because a broom fell.   But then it happens again.   Done.  I run upstairs, pluck Annie from her bed and lock us in the bathroom (the only room that locks) with my cell phone.  I'm thanking God every second for my neighbors barking dog, Sophie.   Because of Sophie's 3 am barking escapades I have the Clayton police on speed dial.    Within minutes they have police surrounding the house looking for any compromised point of entry.   The basement door was unlocked, and they come in to investigate.  I can honestly say I've never been so scared in my life.  Not the police coming in, but the idea of someone bad in the house to get us.     Well there was no one bad in the house.   Turns out my mysterious house guest had found his way into the duct work in the basement.  Which of coarse bangs and echo's loudly.     Not able to sleep after that, Annie and I turn on every light in the house, and watch a movie upstairs with a chair blocking the door.   I really need a dog.


Greta said...

Yep, Dog. You can have mine.

Charlie said...

Yeah, Annie needs a dog, but you can't have mine ;-). Besides Parker is a bit of coward sometimes.


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