Thursday, June 11, 2009

Annie's Chickens

We've been working like crazy to get the run finished for the chickens (run is a fancy word for playpen for chickens).  During this crazy two day period of nonstop poultry construction, we lost one.  Our baby turkey named Blue, got away.  We aren't really sure when or how, but he is gone.  Sometime Tuesday night he disappeared.    Most likely taken by foxes, but if you happened to be out walking and see a light gray turkey, with a long funny neck, he's mine.    Annie and I have both been upset over this lose.  Me because he costs money and time to replace, meaning more work for me and Annie because that was her baby blue.    We still have a third of the fence that needs to be finished, but it's up enough for them to run around.  
Annie had a blast introducing her girls to their new area.   She ran around with them for a while and then being to worn out to keep chaseing them, sat and held one in her lap for a while. 

Here's Annie's chicken catching method, step by step:


No, peek-a-boo is not the first step.
Memories of being pecked in the eye by Puff, still fresh in her mind, Annie was just being cautious when approaching her chickens.  


Evidently she thought that pretending to be a chicken would allow her closer access to catch her bird.  She clucked and pecked her way over to Gertrude, and to my surprise...  

Success!!!!    Annie caught Gertrude in record time.  Puff got away, but don't think Annie isn't going to hold her.  

In fact, right after she put Gertrude down Annie went after Puff and caught her.  She carried her around the run for quite a while.  You may notice that Gertrude and Puff are sisters.  They are both Buff Orpingtons and they are the softest sweetest chickens in our hen house.

After a while Annie decided she was done (haha, get the joke?) playing.  I was shocked.  She'd only been in there three hours.  Then I realized she only wanted to play with the door we just finished hanging.  

So this is where we are in our project.  Far more man hours in then expected with more to go.  Hopefully we'll finish before winter.  

(Joke: Only turkeys are Done.  You won't get this unless you had a teacher in school who was big on grammar)



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