Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My day off

So Monday was my first day off in a while.  Annie and I spent it almost entirely outside in the yard.  Of course she gets to play while I'm hard at work, but we both had fun.   I got all the trim work painted for the chicken house, built a trellis (from scrap wood I found in the yard) for our green beans and kentucky wonders (followed by me untangling them and training them up the trellis).   Then we weeded the raised garden bed, and I had to move a few potato plants in order to give them enough room to keep growing.    Cleaned out half of the garage, where we found more toys for the kids to play with and Annie had a toy cleaning adventure with the hose.  
My next project is to get mulch down and find out what's wrong with the rose bushes.  They are looking a little sad.  

Here's a photo update on the Chicken Run.  We have all the posts in and just have to get the wire fencing up then we're done.   I'm most excited about hanging the screen door we got.  It's so cute.    It looks terribly junky right now with the makeshift run in place, but once it's all done it will look really nice.  I promise.



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