Monday, June 22, 2009


  The reasons are:
1. I don't want Annie growing up afraid of dogs
2. She loves them! (after getting over initial fear)
3. Annie really could use a sibling and this as close as it gets for now
4. Security system (this one is for me)
5. Annie's birthday is coming up

So this led me to the Humane Society in Maryland Heights.  Yes, very far away.   We went to see a dog we found on-line, but the dog turned out not to be good with kids, super hyper and a bad fit for us.  So we were just going to leave, when my sister said she saw another cute dog.  I'm thinking, it can't hurt to just look.   Well, it can.   He was so gentle and sweet.  Kissed the girls and kept rolling over to have you pet his belly.  Plus he's part Basset Hound, my favorite breed (only I could never afford the vet bills on a pure bred).   
This is either the dumbest thing I've ever done or the smartest thing.   Her dad was nice enough to split the cost with me on food and vet bills, so that Annie could have the dog.  Now we just have to see what kind of dog he really is.  I'm going to give him about two weeks to show his true colors.   It's hard to believe he could be this good.    
I didn't really think we would find a dog today.  I planned on spending a whole month researching and looking at shelter, but he just fit.  We'll see how I feel about him in a week or two.  For now I love him.   Annie has already claimed him as hers.  She's done everything but pee on him, to mark him.   


Linz said...

Oh Banjo!!!! I'm so so so happy you got him. He's perfect and it's not a mistake! I am so coming over to see him soon!

Bailey Mohr said...

So glad that you have a new addition to the family!


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