Monday, June 8, 2009

back seat drivers

I spent yesterday with my sisters two oldest daughters and Annie.   They were quite entertaining until we got in the car, and then things got hilarious.   Oh yes, from the back seat I hear Sadie tell me, "thats a red light aunt Maddie, that means you gotta stop."  "OK, Sadie thanks."  Each light, I was instructed what to do and it was cute until the other two started to chime in, which created a mixture of laughing and fear.    "geen light a go light," ruby tells me.  Annie of coarse tells me, "yellow, red, geen all mean go super fast, mommy."   Ah yes, my little speed racer loves to live on the wild side.   And her comment of course launched a full on argument as to what light colors mean what.   When the others girls say stop, my Annie says go.  Do you think this a sign?  Am I in big trouble when she gets older?  At least she doesn't follow the pack, right?  Although in matters of driving safety I hope she learns to.  



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