Thursday, June 18, 2009

My new mouse trap

Today was yet another example of how ridiculous my life has become.  I worked six hours cleaning a large filthy house only to get a migraine after work (on the one night I had planned to go out).  The migraine's that the meds I'm on are supposed to stop.  The meds that made me super sick and now only make me mildly nauseous all day every day, aren't working.   GRRR...   At least I have Bob now.   Yes, I have Bob.  He looks ferocious doesn't he?  I got him yesterday after work and brought him home.  Eager to have him roam the house and catch the rats.   He ended up sleeping all night in bed with me.   I figured I'd give him one more shot.   See if his hunter instinct came out.    Well it did, sorta.  He managed to corner a rat in the dinning room, but then he cased it to me, and left.  Not exactly what I had in mind.    So I'm here, in my kitchen sitting up on a chair waiting for Bob to come back and finish the job.  I just hope he comes back soon.   The rat is blocking the exit. 

On the up side, I get my food stamps back tomorrow, and people from church may come and help me finish the top to the chicken coop.  I'm excited about having food again, but mostly I'm excited about my chickens not being someone else's food.



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