Monday, June 1, 2009

She outsmarted me again

Well I thought I had her on Sunday morning.   I hid every single princess dress in the house.  She had nothing to wear but regular clothes, or so I thought.    Little miss Annie unwilling to be outsmarted came up with an ingenious idea.   She came into the kitchen that morning and said, "I wear my doll clothes mommy."  Ah yes, she was indeed wearing her doll clothes.   A completely see through dress that barely covered her bottom all the way.   I couldn't decide if I should cry or laugh when I turned around to see her.    Thoughts of being arrested crossed my mind if I let her out of the house in it.  I am now committed to praying that she develop a rather amish dress style for when she enters her teen years.  

quick update on Sunday,
I guess a lot of people noticed that we weren't at church last Sunday.  We decided to check out a church near our house, just to see what it was like and because they have a single women's group that meets there regularly.     I was really hoping to like it there, but it didn't feel like home.   I really struggle with meeting other single women and Riverside has nothing to help me do that.  I'm not saying anything bad about the church, just that I've learned that I am one of those people who needs help meeting people.  I don't come off as it, but I am terribly shy.  I do not strike up conversations well (unless I've been drinking, that is) and I often find myself to scared to even say hello to the person next to me.   And I am most scared of single women.  I can't say why for sure, but mostly I see them as already  having a large group of friends that keep them too busy to get to know me.  Probably because I've actually had women say that to me.   
So that is where we were on Sunday. 



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