Tuesday, May 10, 2011

to much shade

I need to spend $40 on elderberry bushes right?  I must have another $15 blueberry bush to complete my set and I most definitely can't survive without my own rhubarb crowns.  I'm obviously having some major garden cravings.  I didn't start any seeds this year due to: getting married, buying a house, moving and having a baby all within the time span of about 9 months, so I'm feeling a little lost as far as gardening goes.  I need to be planting, but I find myself without anything to plant and a severe lack of funds to buy what I desire.   My backyard is big enough to grow all that I want to grow if it weren't for the lack of sun; making want to cut down all the perfectly healthy trees that didn't require emergency cutting to prevent smashed house syndrome.   This kind of frustration is dangerous with me.  It makes me rather impulsive and very edgy.  I can't sit still, but I'm completely unproductive with my time.  I look outside and see all that yard covered in shade and I can't stop thinking about the chainsaw just sitting there in the basement.   If it weren't for the fact that my husband would never leave a power tool out where I could get it again, I would be tempted to use it.


Greta said...

Oh how we are so alike. All I want right now is fabric. Millions of yards of fabric and Target. I want to go to Target with money, and spend it.


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