Saturday, May 14, 2011

The best dessert ever

Annie and I finally made it to our local farmers market this Wednesday.  She took her little coin purse with the money she's been saving. It was really fun watching her count out her coins, and make her purchasing decisions.  What she bought: a dog treat for Banjo, a tomato plant, and a quart of strawberries.  As soon as we got home Banjo was greeted with a treat, the tomato plant went in the ground and yes, the strawberries were devoured by Annie in record time. 
Later in the evening after we ate dinner and I was shoeing Annie up to bed she asks, "what about dessert?"  I didn't make dessert.  "I made dessert," was little miss Annie's reply and sure enough she walks back into the dining room holding a little plate with three of the tiniest strawberries I've ever seen.   So we get out dessert plates and forks, pray again (at Annie's request) and we each have our little dessert made by Annie. 


rachel @ perfectly imperfect said...

that's the sweetest story!


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