Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little bits of order in a giant mess

 I do love my husband, but he has this mindset of only doing something once.  Never a temporary fix.  Let me just fill you in on how this works in our current situation.  We have a house that is, lets say, in a state of disrepair.  The amount of repair needed far exceeds our current financial/time situation. Solution, don't touch anything.  Keep it clean, but wait till we have the time/money to do it right.  This is driving me nuts.  I'm totally fine with the band aid approach.  In fact, right now, I would love a few giant band aids to put in my house.  Especially in the kitchen where storage is lacking and disorder reigns king. 
Thankfully, Texas, finally succumbed to my constant pleading (or he found me with the power tools), and I now have a few kitchen band aids.  My spice cabinet is fixed and on the wall, which he see's as a giant ugly band aid (he does not share my love of rustic furniture).  Then we found a file cabinet in the basement to store the food processor and blender.   A few more random furniture pieces and the kitchen will soon be functional for the level of abuse it will lovingly receive. 

 I am a little obsessed with my spice cabinet.  I made it out of an old dry sink a long time ago.  It's perfect for lining up spice jars.   I love having all my jars where I can see them.  No longer crammed into a box on the floor of my kitchen.


Wohlschlaeger Family said...

I'm kind of obsessed with your spice cabinet as well. I personally am a fan of the rustic as well. Unfortunately, our spices are currently in a box in the pantry. I don't even use them, since it's too annoying to dig thru them to find something. Totally jealous.


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