Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The terrible tumble

Annie had her first real fall this weekend.  It seems strange that at four and a half she's just now had her first real fall, with real injuries.  She broke her two front teeth, scraped her nose and bit her lip.  I was so not prepared for this.  I guess I assumed she'd just never get hurt.  How awesome would that be?  Thanks to the Holiday weekend we had wait until today to go see a dentist about her teeth.  So glad I took her in.  She had cracked her tooth all the way to the nerve.  After a long day of driving to dentists, talking to dentists on the phone, calling the insurance broker, the insurance company and the dentists financial office my fully charge cell phone died before 1pm today, and my head was spinning with post tumble stress syndrome.  I had no idea that dental insurance does not cover accidents, or that if you don't file the accident with the health insurance within 72 hours of the accident they don't cover it either.  I hate phones, health insurance and financial offices, but I still love our dentist (who was nice enough to call and see how Annie was Sunday morning).



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