Monday, May 9, 2011

A proud mommy moment

 Saturday night Annie had her dance recital.  It was so awesome.  I spent most the time trying to keep from crying I was so proud of her.    She went to class even when she didn't want to.  She got up on stage in from of 800 people, and she did try to dance a few steps.   The best part was that she sang along with all the songs.
Annie wanted everyone there to see her dance including our mailman.  I couldn't afford that many tickets, but I sure tried to buy as many as I could.  They sold out every seat in the auditorium.  The moms and volunteers that run this fundraiser really know what they're doing.  That was probably my favorite part of this dance class. All the money goes to the Brentwood school district and their teacher is such an amazing role model for the girls.  Non of the dances were provocative or inappropriate, the costumes were conservative and all the dances were about having fun.  

Annie admiring her wand.

My little lady bug.


Anonymous said...

how adorable annie looks.. she even makes a beautiful bug!!!!!
lots of love from north carolina....and i hope you had a wonderful mother's day maddie.


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