Sunday, May 22, 2011

A day with the girls

Friday Annie had two of her cousins over for the day.  It was a jam packed day of craziness.

 Ruby and Annie worked on painting a bird house from Tex's dad.

 While Poppy painted a can?  Yeah, it was a kinda strange, but she really wanted to, and if I've learned anything about Poppy it's, "just it's go with it."
 The girls made pizza dough.  They played with the dough so long it was like a rubber band by the time I stopped them.
After running around and playing house outside they finally settled down to read a story.  They made a little spot at the stairs. I guess  should make a seat cushion for over there.

What I learned from my day?  Girls are exhausting, and it's a miracle my sister is still breathing and still has all her hair.



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