Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday night in the dirt

My Tuesday night was spent making lots more soil blocks. I think I've got it down now. I made 150 blocks last night, and it was super easy. I think I was over packing the soil blocker before and so it took me forever. This time I just hand packed a little and then repeatedly plunged the soil blocker into the bucket to pack it in. They came out just as tight as when I would cram soil into each block individually. Annie came home from her dads just in time to help me finish off the last 50 blocks and seed them. We should have started the flowers weeks ago, but I was busy and the lights were overcrowded at the time. Now with all the cold veggies (lettuce, Broccoli, and Brussels), Pansies and Impatiens out there's lots more room.

We started Zinnias, bachelors buttons, pincushion flowers, morning glories, and lots more tomatoes and bell peppers.



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