Monday, April 19, 2010

Annie dances

Last night Annie stole my phone and invited Texas over for dinner. It was more than a little strange for me. She's met him once, and that was when she was sick, but I guess he made an impression. She was more than excited to show him her bikes and how fast she could peddle. The whole night kinda made me want to cry. I'm not sure how all this works. Dating a man as a single mom. Protecting your child as you get to know someone, but also making sure he's able to handle the reality of, I have a kid. I'm so thankful for counseling, or I might not even try. Texas was more than amazing with her. She wanted to go to the park, where she got up on the little stage and danced for us (this is where I started crying). She never dances around people if she thinks they're watching. Then it was home for dinner and a movie, our Sunday night ritual. She climbed up on his lap and sat there for the whole movie. Telling him all about Scooby Doo and Shaggy. Obviously they get allong swimmingly, but it was a lot more than I thought. This morning Annie woke up and asked for Texas. So I've pretty much decided I will have to seriously limit the amount of time they are around each other.
As much as I like Texas, it is very early in the game and I need to be sure of whats going on. If left up to Annie I think she would see him everyday. So if you have a few extra minutes in the day, please throw in a prayer for me and Annie. That I will be able to handle all these changes easily and be able to protect Annie. The thought of her getting attached to someone and that person leaving is a serious fear for me, as it should be. I want her to always feel free to dance.


Greta said...

you are a great mom

D said...

You're doing a great job being cautious, yet taking a risk at the same time. I love that you have your head so squarely on your shoulders. And that Annie is an amazing girl. We had a great time together this week. I hope you have fun exploring this new relationship

Kim Janous said...

Another beautiful post. You are a beautiful woman, Maddie. I am crying right now thinking about God's great redemption in your life and the way he is writing the perfect story for Annie. I pray that you BOTH dance.


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