Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An overworked security system

I'm very sorry to say that I think Banjo has snapped under the pressure of his job. It is no easy task to guard a single mom and her three year old when your only a foot and a half tall. For the past three days Banjo has been very timid and quite. Not his jolly self at all. Then tonight he just snapped. He's been barking at the ceiling for the last 45 minutes and I can't get him to stop. He is sitting next to me right now barking. Nothing but barking. I have to admit it freaked me out for the first 25 minutes, then I realized he's just cracked and I may need to consider trading him in for a bigger model (just kidding). So far the two times he has gone ballistic like this someone really was trying to get into the house, and I was very grateful to have him with me. Tonight though, there's no one out there. We checked. I think Banjo is done with us living on our own and so am I. I've had enough scares to realize that I am seriously not tough when it comes to intruders, and I'm tired of being so scared. Taking applications now for roommates. Must love Annie, chickens and know how to use a kitchen without a microwave. Preferably large male and very scary with a small arsenal of weapons (that I will never see, but find comfort in knowing you have them).

On a happier note we had some wonderful signs of spring in the yard today (and one not so wonderful).
The Good:
This is Carla the frog. Annie did not kiss Carla, but assured me that, "If I kiss him he will turn into a real prince."

The lettuce is coming up

And my favorite, Lillie's of the Valley have come through

The Bad:
The first tick of the season! YUCK! Thankfully I found him crawling on me and not on Annie.


Anonymous said...

Is Carla coming to Gigis house? Annie may have to turn her into a prince first! Annie is a lucky girl to have you for a mom.

Anonymous said...

carla is really a toad....... Mary said toads are bumpy.....frogs live in water.......


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