Thursday, April 29, 2010

meeting the parents

So last night I went to dinner with Texas and his parents.   SO scary.  I spent the entire day super stressed.  Bought four pairs of shoes (which are all going back), tried on 18 different outfits and forgot to eat the entire day (thankfully my mother had the forethought to take me to lunch).  In a state of utter panic, Texas shows up.    Laughing when he walks in; seeing me in a complete state of frenzy.    Long story short...  He told me to put on a pair jeans and we left for dinner. 
Then we pull up at the country club.   I'm nut sure I remembered to breath until Tex put a drink (single barrel whiskey) in my hands.   His parents were beyond nice, but I'm still fighting off the memories of the last mom I encountered.   I really did fear that at any moment she would jump across the table at me yelling.   She didn't of course.   She is incredibly nice, and I had a great time at dinner.   I think I'm over my mom fear, but it might take a while to adjust to the country club. 


Anonymous said...

yeah!!!!! i'm glad that meet the parents is over.. now tex has got to meet aunt leslie..!!!


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