Sunday, April 11, 2010

How annie cures hiccups

It's no secret I'm a bit of a food Nazi. I do not let Annie have junk food, fast food or mounds of sugar. What I love is that recently Annie has started making her own food choices, and I love her attitude about it. Instead of just telling her "no, don't eat that." We talk about why eating sugar is good in tiny amounts, but too much is bad. Why eating veggie's helps us grown strong and healthy. Over time Annie has started developing little "food Cures" for what ever ails her. For example, if she's feeling short that day she'll ask me for Brussels sprouts.

These are few of my favorites:

Carrot= "get rid of hiccups"
Tea= "to get the sneezy monster out"
Avocado= "make my skin beautiful"
Brown Rice= "it's for my hair shiny"
Brussels= "so I get tall"
Spinach Sausage= "these make me nice."

This morning when she got out of bed and put on her dress that was way to short I told her to stop growing. Annie just smiled and said, "it's cause I eat the good stuff."


Bailey Mohr said...

That is precious! Where do you get spinach sausage?


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