Monday, April 26, 2010

Meet Texas

Well I'm a little shocked to be posting this, but Texas has given me the OK to post a picture of him on the blog. Only one, but I'm excited to get to post it. Perhaps in the future he'll be ok with my posting every moment of our lives on the blog. For now, he thinks its a little weird.
So here he is reading Annie a bed time story with Banjo.


Anonymous said...

Its nice to meet you Texas.

Anonymous said...

as they say in texas"he's a tall glass of water"!! what a cute guy, and i have to say, annie doesn't look like she likes him at all!!north carolina says "thank you texas for allowing the photo".. HOOK EM' HORNS!

Anonymous said...

Illinois is also quote impressed. When did he come along? I have to say my reading of your blog has increased with this nice new bit of information. Congrats and hope you're having fun. Sarah from Chicago. :-)


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