Friday, April 24, 2009

Trapped inside a yellow car

     My car has suffered another tragedy recently.  Not sure what exactly, it just kinda keeled over and all those miserable warning lights came on that tell you to "fix car now", or in my case just stop driving because the cost of repairs will be to much.  So, I'm now driving my ex's car around town, since he's out of town on work.  I need to let you all know a little something about this car.  Aside from being a two door which means the car seat is impossible to reach, it's NEON YELLOW.  Yep thats right, neon yellow. This car should have been a warning sign when I first met Don, because I hate yellow.  No offense to all you yellow lovers out there, but I had a rather traumatic yellow experience when I was a child  (and no offense to Don, we are grateful for the car, thank you).
     My mother (who I love)  decorated my entire room yellow when I was a kid.  Laura Ashley yellow to be precise.  Everything was yellow, the walls, the curtains, the closet, the bed spread, and yes even the lamp shades.  There's is something about yellow that If you look at it to long it can effect your ability to see other colors.  I kid you not, for years red looked green to me.  
     Annie at the age of two has already experienced trauma from the color yellow, or should I say from lack of yellow.    I had recently gotten the Bee movie with that guy from Sienfeld and that actress from Bridget Jones Diary.  I get the movie from the library and think this will be a good time for me to get some cleaning done.  I press play and hightail it out of the living room and into the kitchen where the dishes are forming weapons of mess destruction and I get started.   By the time I'm done the movie has ended.  Perfect timing.  We go off and play.  Two days later Annie is at Gigi's with her cousins painting and Annie has created a lovely green and black creation on her paper.  I ask her what it is and she tells me it's a bumblebee.  I just shrug and think O.K..  Annie's cousin Ruby does not.   Ruby happens to own a pair of yellow and black shoes, that her mom calls her bumblebee shoes, so Ruby knows about bumblebee colors.  Ruby decides to correct Annie's little color confusion and the two quickly get into it.  "They Geen and Back!", "they not, they ellow, back!" the girls get rather loud.   Finally I step in, "bumblebee's are yellow and black, Annie."  My daughter just looks at me crushed, I'd sided with the enemy.  
     I take my broken, distraught Annie home crying.  We get home and through tears she says, "I show you they not ellow."  turns on the T.V. and starts her bee movie.  Oh my gosh, there they are Green and Black bee's.  The color yellow is no longer working on our T.V..  I tell Annie, I'm so sorry, that she was right.   Bumblebees are green and black.  Over the coarse of the movie I explain about how they are only green and black on mommies T.V..  That the ones outside are Yellow and Black.    The saddest part is we still use the broken T.V. with no yellow, and in hand-me-down tradition Annie now has to wear the bumble bee shoes for the summer. We changed the name to daddy car shoes, just don't tell Ruby or my sister.


Greta said...

Loud not laud but I love you and I am never handing anything down again too tramatic......

lauren gray said...

oh this is too funny.


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