Friday, April 17, 2009

operating manual

Sweet Whiskey is the name of my Etsy store.  I have been putting it together slowly over the last two weeks.  It really shouldn't have taken me that long.   My daughter could have done it in less than an hour, but I have issues, obviously.   So Last night was it's first night up and running and I actually made a sale?!?  Yeah, kinda weird. It was only for $6.00, but I honestly wasn't sure I would make a dime.   Plus, now I'm all stressed about what to put on it.  I mean honestly a name like Sweet Whiskey needs to have amazing things on it, and I don't feel equipped for the kind of pressure I'm putting on myself.   You'd think I'd just stop putting the pressure on myself, but that's not how I operate.  It states clearly in my operating manual to put undo pressure on oneself at all times.  This is yet another reason I need counseling.   Obviously my operating manual needs a little editing.    Like where it says, "Must fear all people" or "do not talk to anyone, they might be nice to you."  I've learned in the last three years of counseling that most people don't have similar guidelines to live by.  Theirs probably says things like "be kind to others", "love your neighbor" or simply "relax."
I'm getting there.  Last night I actually sat down and talked to a group of girls from my church!  So, not me.  Still not sure how I feel about it, but I'm thinking I should give a week or two to sink in and then reassess. 



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