Saturday, April 25, 2009

Long lines and toilet paper

Annie and I went on a grand adventure this morning.   Today was the local herb sale, and Annie and I were excited to get some great prices on herbs and tomatoes.  The sale was to start at 8:30 am.  Annie and I road Mer-dade over to the sale at a little before 8am because mommy had the time wrong, but thank goodness I did.  Yikes!  There was a line wrapped around the building.  Are people really this crazy about herbs?  Not only that, but there were women walking up and down the line serving iced tea and cookies?   To say Annie and I were surprised is an understatement.   I know people love to garden, but if your that crazy about herbs, maybe you should buy some seeds.    The prices weren't that great either.  I do have to say the ladies who run the show are knowledgeable and exceptionally friendly.   
     We ended up standing in line for over an hour.   The ladies were smart to serve refreshments.  I'm sure that calmed the cranky shoppers down.  I'm now wondering if the cookies were infused with some herbal sedative, because everyone was very calm.  Even Annie.  Yep, they definitely put something in those cookies, clever ladies.    Annie did great until she realized she'd just been standing in line for an hour and started to get antsy.  She went and climbed up on Mer-dade, "buckle me, I done" (see photo above).  Thankfully they gave her more tea and cookies, so I got to get a few plants before Annie fell apart.  Which she did.  In the middle of the sale Annie falls to the floor and says "my legs boke, I need go to doctor."   Please note her legs were not broken, this is a game we play which involves wobbly legs and an oil can (thank you Tin man).  I forgot my oil can, so I carry her and my bag of herbs back to Mer-dade and we ride home.       I figure we've left the sale, so Annie should get back to her happy self.  Oops, wishful thinking is a big mistake, silly mommy .  The more I hope for good behavior the less I get.  I'm attaching a few pics at the end to give you an idea of how she was the rest of the day.   Just to give you the heads up we might be out of toilet paper if you stop by.

Annie got to the toilet paper while I was outside planting our new herbs.

I didn't even find this mess,

until I went looking for this little monster. Worn out from being attacked by the toilet paper, right? 


Anonymous said...

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