Tuesday, April 7, 2009

my list

My sister is tired of staring at the mystery jar, she said it scared her, and I really didn't have much to say, so I made a list.   Please don't judge.  Some people have gambling or realtor.com. Me? I have my kitchen.

My list of strange things I keep in my kitchen

six different types of honey
Enough black beans and rice to keep a mexican restaurant running for about a week
A box of microwave popcorn (only strange because I don't own a microwave)
Five rolling pins
Nine pounds of oats
Five different types of flour
Jars, jars, jars and jars (no Tupperware in this house)
Eight pounds of butter? I didn't believe it myself until I counted
Six baby chicks
Nine pounds of puff pastry dough (it was eleven but I made chicken puffs)
and a collection of cookbooks so large that it spilled over into my living room
A cabinet dedicated to nothing but herbs, homeopathic tabs, and homemade tinctures (yeah I make them)

I'm thinking I should either open a restaurant or confess to my counselor. 



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