Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My daughter the song writer

I caught Annie last night in mid verse, these are the words to the first song Annie ever made up herself.  "God made me beautiful, God made me smart, God made these cheeks and they no fall off."  Note this was being sung quite loudly with arms flailing, while wearing a neon green tinker bell dress about 5 inches above the knee (oh my! I need to make it longer like yesterday) with one pink shoe, one red shoe, and purple pants. 
Yes, she's about as fashionable as Hanna Montana.  The two are going to be on a tv show about what not to wear.    I sadly didn't catch the rest of her song.  She saw me doing my mommy spy moves and quite ASAP.  I'm not very good at sneaking.  

Quick Updates:

The chickens are spending their first night outside.  I'm so happy.  
My car is evil
My bike makes me happier than cocaine
and Annie has decided to no longer nap (this is bad)


Greta said...

Have you ever tried cocaine or is that a figure of speech?

Maddie said...

Oh yeah, I hit up(?) all the time... Of coarse not, you and mom worry to much. I'm not that foolish dear.

rachel blazer said...

actually, she learned that song at church... no, not really. i wish i was that creative!


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